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Дух ... совершенство !

Дух ... совершенство !

Мы стремимся к совершенству, не меньше. Мы со всей страстью виноделов занимаемся нашими виноградниками, создавая наши вина, чтобы предложить лучшее с нашего терруара. Для семьи Барон-Фюэнте совершенство – это не просто ценность, это – дух.

В 2011 году дух совершенства обогатился присоединением семейного бренда ЛЕТЭ-ВОТРЭН. Софи и Игнас Барон пожелали сохранить его идентичность и независимость в дань уважения и почтения к работе семьи ЛЕТЭ-ВОТРЭН.

2013 Vintage

Only best years are vintaged and 2013 is one of them. Let’s go back together to this late and cool year, finally bringing all the characteristics of a fine vintage at the harvest.

The 2013 campaign started with a cool and humid Winter and Spring, without frosts, until the end of June. The first 6 months of the year brought with them above the average amounts of water. Bad weather that caused a delay in the growth of the vine, about 2 to 3 weeks, and in particular the budburst.

Then an unexpected summer, hot and sunny, made its appearance with weather that was finally favorable for the development of the vine. However, the summer period is often also synonymous with stormy pressure. And this is what happened in 2013, many storms sometimes accompanied by a little hail erupted but fortunately these bad weather did not do much damage in the vineyard.

Despite a beautiful month of July and August, the vine did not catch up its delay, especially with the return of cold and rain at the end of summer. The autumn climate made the harvest sometimes complicated, particularly because of the wet weather. As a result, the harvest was later than usual, starting at the end of September and well beyond October.

The 2013 campaign was marked by excessive climatic conditions with 2 periods of excess water framing a period of drought. But thanks to serious work in the vineyard, beautiful grapes was harvested in reasonable quantities in our vineyard and globally throughout our region, the Marne Valley. Enough to make a fine and generous Vintage that you can now discover.

While waiting for the first awards of this new cuvée, we let you judge its organoleptic qualities.

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