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Un Espíritu… ¡
La Excelencia!

Un Espíritu…¡ La Excelencia!

Nuestro objetivo es nada menos que la Excelencia. Ejercemos nuestra profesión de viticultores con pasión desde la vid hasta la elaboración de nuestros vinos para ofrecerles lo mejor de nuestro terroir. Para la familia Baron-Fuenté, la excelencia no es sólo un valor, es parte de nuestro Espíritu.

A New Classic Range in 2022

Time goes by so fast and it already has been several years since we renewed the labels of our Classic Range. In order to continue to best accompany the gustatory pleasure at the opening of each bottle of Champagne Baron-Fuenté, we also wish to maintain the pleasure of the eyes. It is for this purpose that our Classic Range evolves regularly.

In 2022, it therefore retains its codes and its spirit but with an added touch of modernity.