Grand Cépages Pinot Meunier

Grape variety:

  • Meunier



Through the persistent bubbles of this Meunier champagne you will discover a golden hue, as well as creamy foam. It is like crunching in a Golden apple to discover subtle aromas of raisins, peach, fig and wine. These autumn fruit (figs, raisins, apples) appear in the very vivid palate. Tender bubbles will explode in your mouth to make you appreciate this unique grape variety, King of the Marne Valley and of the slopes of Charly sur Marne.

Best served with:

An ideal champagne for the connoisseurs. It lends itself as the ideal partner to quail with foie gras and figs. If you let yourself rock by its delicate bubbles, you will find the smell of our terroir in the morning during the harvest.

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