Grande Réserve Demi-Sec

This Champagne reflects our Champagne terroir. The balanced blend of our three main grape varieties gives our cuvee a remarkable uniqueness.
The perfectly dosed Grande Réserve Demi-Sec delicately delights gourmet palates.


60% Pinot Meunier
30% Chardonnay
10% Pinot Noir


Ageing in cellar: 3 years on the lees
Dosage: 35 g/l

Tasting and appreciation

The deeply golden robe is covered with dynamic fine bubbles that form a dense chimney and creamy foam. Its complex bouquet, sweet and fine, is filled with notes of floral, brioche, honey and yellow and white fruits. The palate is an ample and structured harmony, full-bodied and fresh. Light and refreshing, with notes of ripe fruit (white peaches) and dried fruit (apricot). The finish is long and slightly toasted.


The Grande Réserve Demi-Sec is full-bodied and delicate, making it an excellent champagne to accompany your sweet aperitifs (melon, toffee cherry tomatoes, apple with duck liver and spiced bread crumble verrines), for a second to none gourmet experience. It also particularly shines during snacks and deserts (tarte tatin, white and yellow peach crumbles, apricot clafoutis, honey golden fruit skewers).