Berliner Wein Trophy Award 2021 – Rosé Dolorès

For the second year in a row, our Rosé Dolorès was awarded by a Gold medal at the largest wine competition in the world and the most important international wine tasting in Germany: Berliner Wein Trophy. Winter Tasting During this winter session, our cuvée once again stood out among the 13,600 registered wines and won […]

Our 2019-2020 wine year

One year has just ended that the work for the next has already started several months ago. Let’s take a look back at our House’s 2019-2020 wine year.

Berliner Wein Trophy Award 2020 – Rosé Dolorès

Médaille d'Or Berliner Wein Trophy 2020

Berliner Wein Trophy – Summer tasting
Berliner Wine Trophy has become the world’s largest wine competition and Germany’s most important international wine challenge under the patronage of the OIV […]